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in addition to, Barbiturates are on of the most common sedative hypnotics, which means that can induce sleep and reduce anxiety at specific doses, some barbiturates such as Sodium Pentobarbital (Nembutal), Phenobarbital and Secobarbital can cause coma and death. Other popular barbiturates for the above use include Amobarbital and Tuinal. Barbiturates are central nervous system depressants, producing a variety of sedative and anesthetic effects. Barbiturates are a group of drugs that all have both medical and addictive potential

Furthermore, We sell barbiturates in all forms and doses and for both medical use as well as active / passive voluntary Euthanasia. Barbiturates can be inject into the veins or muscles, but they are usually take in pill form, drinkable liquid or powder. The significant difference between these barbiturates is how long they act in the body as most of them are painless.

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In the same way, the pills are used alone and in combination with other medicines to control seizures.

for instance, It belongs to the class of barbiturate anticonvulsants/hypnotics.

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